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iDatix, Steve Allen CEO: View From the Top

"Workflow automation that works"

Many ECM vendors claim to offer workflow and business process automation. In reality, they are only able to provide the ability to route documents electronically from outbox to inbox, as currently accomplished with paper. This type of workflow almost always buckles under enterprise pressure and causes a variety of complications that will corrupt the entire project.

True workflow automation comprises industrial strength, rules-based workflow that will allow your business processes to be modeled in a way that can be understood by you, your staff and any outside business process improvement analyst.

Workflow Implementation Tips:

  • You know your business better than anyone else and the partner you choose should have expertise in helping clients identify and optimize their business processes.
  • Look for a partner with effective workflow process models—collaboration achieves efficient business process improvements that your employees will use because they are key contributors to the project.
  • The software you choose should allow you to continually refine and improve your business processes—No programming, scripting or coding should be needed to make significant improvements.
  • Ask for a "boardroom trial." The solution should be simple enough that one of your current workflows can be automated and demonstrated to your entire team.

iDatix prides itself on creating helpful and educational resources to assist you with learning everything there is to know about ECM. Please don't hesitate to visit our online resource center for more info! www.idatix.com/resources

iDatix Corporation
15201 Roosevelt Blvd, Suite 104
Clearwater FL 33760
PH: 727.441.8228

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