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Datawatch Corporation, Michael Morrison President and CEO: View From the Top

Enterprise Content Management: Beyond Storage and Archive

Enterprise Content Management—in one form or another—has been around since the early 1990s. But what once held promise as a sharing, collaborating and storing documents and reports system has, sadly, become just a storage system. While many organizations are required to store documents for multiple years, they've focused on the mechanics and costs of storage as opposed to the potential of a true ECM system.

The cost issue is now easily solved. ECM vendors, such as Logica, are now offering state-of-the-art ECM solutions in the cloud. This approach is not only cost-effective, but also streamlines business processes.

With the "basics" of ECM covered—properly storing documents in a cost-effective way—organizations need to look for a way to increase the business value of the information stored in an ECM solution.

The answer to increasing the business value of any ECM solution is to embrace report analytics. Simply put, report analytics is the most efficient and effective way to get data out of existing reports and documents; all those assets currently trapped and sitting unused in most ECM systems.

Report analytics goes far beyond simple taxonomies and search to access the actual data—down to a granular level—and even combine similar data from multiple documents.

As Ventana Research states, "The challenge is to get data from each of the reports and assemble it into contextualized views of information for particular business needs."

What would you learn about your business if you had the ability to access and understand the data trapped in your ECM system?

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