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ABBYY USA, Dean Tang President and CEO: View from the Top

In 2011, organizations turned to mobile data capture and conversion technologies to increase information sharing among their knowledge workers, and connect with end users, like never before. For the most part, this development was spurred by mobile devices becoming better equipped to support it. While mobile device manufacturers have settled on different form factors and sizes, the adoption of mobile data capture and conversion has only just began. In 2012, knowledge workers will shift from simply consuming content, to contributing content, driving the proliferation of mobile data capture and conversion technology.

For knowledge workers, mobile data capture and conversion technologies have always held the promise of enabling greater efficiency and more informed decision making by "road warriors." In 2012, your ability to both consume and create business content will be critical to competing in a rapidly changing, global marketplace. Continued advancement in mobile devices hardware will provide a platform for mobile application developers to truly deliver these benefits, enabling users to more easily manipulate documents. Enterprise use of public- and private-clouds will increase, driving more information to your devices, and making your organization better equipped to accept information back, enabling real-time, two-way information sharing.

With all of these trends moving in parallel the last couple of years, I believe that 2012 will be the year we see them combine to drive mobile data capture and conversion technology adoption. More powerful devices, increasingly mobile workforces, better integration with the cloud and a mental shift toward content contribution, will spur this adoption, resulting in greater efficiency, and better decision-making.

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