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Concept Searching tackles enterprise information governance

Concept Searching has announced the Smart Content Framework for information governance. The company says the toolset provides an enterprise framework to mitigate risk, automate processes, manage information, protect privacy and address compliance issues.

Concept Searching describes the Smart Content Framework as a multi-disciplinary solution—delivered through its technologies--that encompasses the entire portfolio of information assets. Underlying the Framework are functionalities to transparently tag content, classify it to organizational taxonomies, preserve and protect information through the automatic identification of records and privacy data, and act as a migration tool, Concept Searching says.

Fundamental to the Smart Content Framework are five “building blocks,” which the company lists below:

Metadata. An enterprise metadata repository is the primary piece that enables the proactive management of content.

Insight. Whether the enterprise search solution is SharePoint, FAST or any other search engine, the delivery of meaningful results depends on effectively indexing and classifying content and on developing taxonomies to better manage the content.

Governance. The overarching enterprise governance structure allows staff to work efficiently and effectively by providing access to information assets in a controlled and secure manner.

Policy. The application of policy must be deployed from an enterprise perspective and must address the entire portfolio of information assets.

Privacy. It is the responsibility of the organization to set the policies and the responsibility of accountable stakeholders, and ultimately users, to protect and hold confidential certain information assets.

Enterprise and Web 2.0. Social networking tools that encourage collaboration and link employees, partners, suppliers and customers are becoming useful for business communication, as well as business to consumer communication.

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