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  • November 3, 2011
  • News

SAP and OpenText expand relationship

SAP and OpenText have collaborated to add two new applications to SAP NetWeaver Portal. They include the SAP Portal Content Management application by OpenText, an enterprise solution for managing document-related content, and the SAP Portal Site Management application by OpenText, which helps users manage Web content more easily.

SAP Portal Content Management simplifies content management by integrating content with the workflows and resources available in SAP NetWeaver Portal, according to a press release from OpenText. The application is said to improve the efficiency of content creation, management and storage, while it supports collaboration and communication. Centralized access minimizes inconsistent, erroneous data, and document audit trails and permission management enhance content security, OpenText says.

With SAP Portal Site Management, a broad set of users in an organization can create and manage Web content across multiple portal sites and pages hosted within SAP NetWeaver Portal, OpenText reports. Users can also improve content authoring, incorporate unstructured content into workflows, streamline translation and make content readily accessible to employees, customers and partners.

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