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Trend-Setting Products of 2011:
Content Analyst, eGain, Exsys, Findwise

Content Analyst: CAAT

Content Analyst Analytical Technology
At Content Analyst Company, our mission is to change the way people derive knowledge from information. CAAT, our flagship platform for content analytics, has been engineered to extract knowledge from the growing collections of unstructured content. CAAT can logically organize collections by meaning, rapidly classify by topic, and find conceptually relevant information and identify other documents that are similar in meaning. Additionally CAAT can identify email threads, near-duplicate documents, and search document collections that span multiple languages. In the legal market, CAAT has been proven to be ‘best of breed' and its capabilities have been integrated into industry leading review tools. CAAT reads and understands everything it indexes, providing instant recall and understanding at a level which "traditional search" could never provide. Other CAAT integrations are found in the Intelligence sector, Market and Brand Awareness, and Risk/Compliance markets.

Content Analyst Company
11720 Sunrise Valley Drive, 4th Floor
Reston VA 20191

PH: 888.349.9442 or 703.391.8700
FAX: 703.391.1644
Contact: info@contentanalyst.com
Web: www.contentanalyst.com


Is your website littered with abandoned shopping carts and forms? Are you struggling to keep up with changing customer interaction preferences?

Relax, eGain Interactive Sales Suite is here! It sales-enables websites with the following products:

  • eGain Offers for proactive offers that include coupons, promotions, content, self-service, and agent assistance.
  • eGain Cobrowse to enable customers and agents to jointly navigate websites, fill forms, and complete other web transactions.
  • eGain Chatbot for avatar-based, natural language conversations.
  • eGain Chat and eGain ClickToCall for chats and calls.
  • eGain Notify for unified mobile, voice, and email alerts.
  • eGain Social to monitor social media and engage with customers and prospects on forums and social networks.

To find out how this integrated and rich suite of products can help you woo, wow, and win customers, visit

eGain Interactive Sales Suite™
Woo, wow, and win online customers

345 E. Middlefield Road
Mountain View, CA 94043

PH: (US): (800) 821-4358
PH: (EMEA): +44-(0)1753-464646
Email: info@egain.com
Web: www.egain.com

Exsys Corvid: Knowledge Capture & Access

Exsys Corvid® lets you incorporate automated interactive sessions into websites to provide situation-specific advice on complex decision-making tasks. These systems utilize the decision-making knowledge and experience of your top experts, emulating one-on-one conversations with them to provide consistent, reliable recommendations.

With Exsys Corvid, non-programmers can rapidly develop and field complex advisory systems for diagnostics, customer support, pre-sales advice, smart questionnaires, compliance, best practices, monitoring, reporting and many other decision-making tasks. Systems are easily integrated into your existing web site and IT infrastructure. For over 28 years Exsys Inc. has been helping major corporations and government agencies automate the delivery of online knowledge.

From routine decision tasks to mission-critical support, your web site will provide answers for complex situations that your customers and employees need 24/7. Demos and free trial: www.exsys.com

Exsys Inc.
6301 Indian School Rd. NE
Suite 700
Albuquerque, NM 87110

PH: 505.888.9494
FAX: 505.888.9509
Contact: info@exsys.com
Web: www.exsys.com

Findwise: Findwise Findability Solution

Findwise is a vendor independent Findability and search technology expert. We have expertise in market leading search platforms as well as open source search technology. Findwise creates Findability solutions, utilising the full potential of search technology to assist our customers in making all desired information easily accessible to both employees and their customers. Our Findability solutions take a holistic approach to the challenge of creating business value from internal and external information assets. The users not only find the relevant information, they also discover and get enlightened from new insights from relationship across data, content and people.

With experience from hundreds of Findability solutions and a large customer base, our experts customize, based on open source components, Findability solutions, using market leading search platforms or Solr as a base.

Findwise AB

Drottninggatan 5, SE-411 14 Göteborg Sweden

PH: +46 (0)31 288 400
FAX: +46 (0)31 136 941
Web: www.findwise.com

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