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Customers gain real-time access to medical billing information

Insurance Data Services (IDS), a medical billing services company, has chosen a data connectivity solution from Attunity to make electronic medical billing information available to customers in real time via the Web.

Tom Weidner, director of business development at IDS, says, “Our electronic medical billing system processes about 10 million documents per year for our hospital/physician clients. Attunity Connect delivered a key value by making it possible for our technical staff to develop Web-based software products that enable client access to this information in real time via the Web. That capability increases our clients’ and employees’ productivity and the value of our service, and contributed to our ability to attract new customers.”

According to Attunity, delivering the electronic billing information over the Web required efficient integration between two heterogeneous systems at IDS. Because the information was stored and managed in a proprietary format on an OpenVMS system, it was not accessible to the IDS Web server system. With Attunity Connect, IDS solved that problem by enabling real-time and seamless connectivity from the Web platform to the data stored in RMS files on the OpenVMS platform. IDS accelerated time to market for delivering the Web-based access and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in software development costs, Attunity reports.

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