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Stiffening security

PAETEC reports it has significantly enhanced its Hosted E-mail Security and Hosted Web Security solutions to tackle the ever-growing threats to business networks.

The company explains that the improvements to E-mail Security have been engineered to boost business continuity and provide security administrators more power and capabilities in managing their overall security policies. During an interruption of service, for example, all e-mails are safely stored and instantly accessible through a secure Web interface, and then forwarded to local mail servers once connectivity is restored as part of e-mail spooling continuity.

The service further includes expanded reporting and policy management capabilities for IT staff. For organizations that need a higher level of security for inbound and outbound e-mail, the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol accepts and filters encrypted inbound and outbound messages and delivers them across a secure tunnel.

The Hosted Web Security now alleviates the difficulty of successfully implementing roaming user browsing policies for Web users. It allows administrators to configure remote user policies and access rules that can be tracked, filtered and implemented with the same ease and effectiveness as a user on the company network. The service also has instituted new options for user granularity in policy creation and reporting.

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