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Expert System, CEO, Stefano Spaggiari: View from the Top

Expert System has remained true to its original vision: To provide enterprise semantic software that understands the true, intended meaning of words, like a person does when reading; To analyze text to unlock the hidden value of the world’s unstructured information across various platforms and formats; To eliminate inefficiencies in acquiring, transforming, interpreting and applying text-based information for everyday tasks; and To support richer, improved decision making at all levels.

Our core semantic technology, Cogito®, reads and interprets knowledge trapped in unstructured text, finding hidden relationships, trends and events, and identifies sentiment to enable better, more informed decision making, faster—unlike traditional technologies based on keyword and statistics that can only guess the content of a text. As a result, knowledge workers and analysts can find information faster, customers can receive more effective answers and interact with a company more naturally, and product managers can listen to what customers are saying in real time. In this way, Expert System continues to enable enterprises to get the most value out of information for knowledge management, customer care and intelligence.

Our customers, whether in the Publishing industry or the Enterprise, in Mobile, Finance, Government or in the Energy sector, from the US to Europe, are all looking for ways to make their data work for them. Nowhere is this opportunity greater than inside the enterprise, where integrating internal knowledge with information taken from outside the firewall is being recognized as a major strategic factor to drive innovation and establish a competitive advantage.

To learn more about Expert System, visit www.expertsystem.net.

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