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Ektron, Founder & CEO, Bill Rogers: View from the Top

Over the last few years I’ve heard two important themes during conversations with customers about how the Ektron Web Content Management (WCM) platform can further their business objectives.

First, websites have become the most important channel you have to interact with customers, partners and employees. Second, websites need to engage audiences with content in the context of their visit to the site. Context shortens sales cycles, produces higher quality leads and grows revenue. Context builds engagement and loyalty.

Context provides an understanding of the site visitor. While a WCM system must simplify the creation, publication and management of content, it must also connect that content with visitor context through multivariate testing and visitor analysis to determine the best content and then provide that content through targeted messaging.

Context is not only who your site visitor is, but also how they’ve arrived at your site. Did they come through a search? Through a marketing campaign? How content is presented should be influenced by how the visitor has arrived at your site. For example, when visitors reach a site through the context of a mobile device, you should take advantage of that short window of time when visitors are engaged with the site. As a real-world example, the University of Tampa mobile-optimized their Admissions Inquiry Form and are seeing several inquiries a day through that mobile form……inquiries that would have been a missed opportunity without the mobile version of their Ektron-powered site responding to the context of their visitors.

Managing and providing content in the context of your site visitors is the key to engaging them and delivering exceptional web experiences.

For more information visit us at www.ektron.com.

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