CQ Roll Call upgrades access to unstructured data

CQ Roll Call has a new application to help users track legislation and other information regarding the U.S. Congress. Subscribers can now access a wealth of data on CQ Roll Call’s Web site, including congressional videos, hearing transcripts and more than 30 other sources of unstructured information.

The information application is the fourth built on MarkLogic technology for CQ Roll Call. It lets Web site visitors access the entire library of information via one search, rather than searching silos, to get the right information.

Blend Qatipi, VP engineering with CQ Roll Call, says, "Part of what keeps us in business is to be ahead of our competition in terms of what we implement and provide for our users. MarkLogic has helped us narrow searches easily, and the response our users get back is faster and cleaner."

According to MarkLogic, previous information applications that CQ Roll Call has built on its technology include:

  • CQ Legislative Impact—By integrating XML content from more than 30 sources, including the Public Laws database and the entire U.S. Code, CQ Legislative Impact lets subscribers see the specific impact of pending or passed legislation on existing laws.
  • CQ Floor Video—This implementation assembles closed caption text with video of the U.S. House and Senate while in session.
  • Politics in America Book—Created every two years when a new Congress is sworn in, this book includes information about new congressional leaders and is available both online and in print.

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