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Responding faster to public record requests

Pasco County in Florida has moved its e-mail management system to the cloud. The county has chosen an e-mail archiving system from Mimecast to improve the speed and accuracy of public records requests.

Kristine Johnson, technical architect for Pasco County, says, “As a public entity, it is critical that we be able to respond to record requests in a timely fashion—we simply cannot delay in sharing needed information. Before Mimecast, finding the right messages was taking too much time and energy away from other key IT tasks that needed attention.”

Prior to implementing the new solution, e-discovery was a time-intensive, manual process for Pasco County, which prevented staff from being as responsive to public record requests as they wanted to be. With the outdated archiving system, each request began a painstaking process that cost the county’s IT staff valuable hours, Mimecast reports in a news release.

In addition to the e-discovery improvements, Mimecast’s Unified Email Management (UEM) system is said to deliver enhanced spam and virus protection, and to guarantee continuity for Pasco County employees during e-mail or power outages. Mimecast says that organizations such as Pasco County have seen the benefit of replacing multiple on–premise point systems with a single cloud-based solution that significantly reduces the risk, complexity and overall cost of managing e-mail.

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