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Real-time awareness
Breakthrough from Darwin Ecosystem

The growing volume of Web 2.0 information causes search engines to rethink their outdated popularity-ranking algorithms by bringing timely social media content to the foreground in an attempt to increase relevance for users. In the recent Facebook privacy controversy, Web users made it clear that they are not so eager to allow search engines to mine their communities’ content for the benefit of search engine companies and other third parties. As a result, many believe social media content is not rescuing search engine companies’ quest for intimate relevance. 

To that end, Darwin Ecosystem has unveiled its Awareness Engine. The technology applies chaos theory principles to reveal emerging patterns and correlations that accelerate the user’s understanding of what is happening about a given theme of interest regardless of popularity ranking. 

Darwin Ecosystem believes the organic and self-organizing model is best adapted to the evolution of today’s Web when compared with the increasing limitation of page ranking offered by search engines. Although not a replacement for search engines, Darwin’s Awareness Engine highlights a new and missing perspective. The Darwin interface provides an intuitive, interactive ScanCloud (patent pending) that reveals correlated themes for contextual content filtering around users’ topics of interest, a BuzzTape that displays themes that have high content acceleration within the last 24 hours, and the ability to save attractors (a term used in chaos theory) to monitor the evolution of favorite topics.

Company founder and CEO Thierry Hubert feels that Darwin’s Awareness Engine will power a new model of information consumption that will benefit Web and enterprise users alike, while allowing Web 2.0 authors to be noticed in a timely and relevant context. Darwin Ecosystem’s product roadmap extends beyond its Web Awareness Engine as Darwin intends to empower its user community. Its solutions and API are designed to allow meaningful discovery to be accessible, usable and beneficial to users seeking to favor the voice and movement of the Web, instead of being subjected to sites that determine what matters according to popularity.   

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