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View From The Top: AvePoint

Dr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang COO

Forward-leaning organizations are always seeking new and creative ways to manage their growing data stores, and synthesize this data into the type of actionable information workers can use to make smart business decisions.

In 2010, as companies face the challenge of managing growing amounts of digital information, geo-distributed workforces, and ever-larger networks of third-party vendors, partners, and customers, the landscape of Knowledge Management is an exciting one. With all the new functionality built into the soon-to-be-released SharePoint 2010, including enhanced enterprise social tagging, comprehensive metadata management, and powerful new search capabilities, SharePoint is poised to serve as the knowledge management platform of choice for the foreseeable future.

But for organizations to fully embrace SharePoint as their primary KM platform, they must be confident that the following management capabilities are in place:

  • If SharePoint content is accidentally deleted, it can be restored quickly and completely.
  • Should the platform fail, it can be recovered fully, and without overburdening IT resources.
  • All legacy enterprise data can be efficiently presented and managed within SharePoint, wherever it resides.
  • All enterprise reporting, auditing and compliance obligations can be met efficiently and fully.
  • SharePoint’s SQL storage can be managed to optimize platform performance and reduce costs.
  • The lifecycle of all content can be managed in a way that optimizes system and staff resources.

To make sure organizations can meet these requirements, AvePoint offers the industry’s most flexible and powerful solutions to protect, manage, optimize, and integrate SharePoint. Successful knowledge management requires a platform as powerful and flexible as SharePoint... and ensuring SharePoint is up to the challenge requires the data protection, administration, replication, reporting, compliance, storage optimization, and migration tools AvePoint delivers.

For more information, visit http://www.www.avepoint.com.

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