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View From The Top: Accusoft Pegasus

Accusoft Pegasus
Jack Berlin, Founder, President & CEO

Accusoft Pegasus is the largest providerof imaging software development kits (SDKs) and browser-based document viewers for knowledge management application development. The company continues to grow through its continual focus on strategic product development. This success is bolstered by the acquisition of Accusoft Corporation, one of its largest competitors, just over a year ago. The acquisition gives customers access to the industry’s widest array of imaging products, exhibiting superior innovation on multiple platforms. Early in 2009, Accusoft Pegasus also acquired Tasman Software, a highly-respected supplier of barcode-reading software.

Accusoft Pegasus provides document capture, processing, recognition, and viewing tools for use in various development environments. These products are incorporated into thousands of applications installed by software integrators and large corporations. Accusoft Pegasus delivers solutions for:

  • Document Scanning, Capture
  • Image Compression: PDF, TIFF and more
  • Barcode Reading, Writing
  • Image Processing, Cleanup, Editing
  • Forms Processing, Identification, Dropout
  • Document Viewing

Customers receive superior technical support and customer service from dedicated in-house teams. Accusoft Pegasus is a leader in research and development of imaging technologies, and is the provider of choice for developers of knowledge management, electronic content management (ECM), and document management solutions worldwide.

Find unlimited trial SDKs and demos at www.accusoft.com.

Challenge us with your imaging needs today!

Accusoft Pegasus

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