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  • October 28, 2009
  • News

Attivio gets the nod from Traction

Attivio reports that Traction Software has chosen its Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) to replace Traction’s legacy enterprise search solution for easier indexing, retrieval of content and an enhanced user experience in its Enterprise 2.0 social software. As part of the selection process, Traction evaluated several solutions before choosing Attivio’s unified information access engine for its single, flexible API, full Java support, as well as its sophisticated and secure permissioning model, Attivio says.

In addition to needing a secure and flexible solution with granular permissioning that could extract and index text, including attachments—regardless of document form, Traction also needed multilingual support for its large overseas customer base, especially in Japan. Another factor in selecting Attivio was its ability to provide real-time field updates and dynamic facet generation, which improves the ability of users to quickly find what they need. AIE is 100 percent Java and runs in its own JVM, so it offers broad platform support for both Java and .Net APIs.

The AIE platform enables users to integrate content and data from internal and external sources to support information-driven solutions such as Web portals, e-media, customer experience, data privacy, e-discovery and data analysis. AIE features simple integration, true incremental scalability and a tiny footprint, and can be easily embedded in other products and applications. AIE’s flexible design reduces risk and speeds innovation through rapid prototyping and deployment. It is said to be the first Unified Information Access platform designed to push data to users and to other systems as new content matches saved queries, leading an evolution from finding information to effectively using information.

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