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Trend-Setting Products of 2009:
Inmagic, Integrify, Noetix, Northern Light

Inmagic: Presto
Inmagic is at the forefront of the move to new generation knowledge management, creating Social Knowledge Networks that combine vetted corporate information with social wisdom of the community to address critical research and business objectives. Inmagic Presto manages disparate types of structured and unstructured content, including documents, digital images, library assets and social information through an open, scalable and secure social know-ledge management platform. Used by industry leaders such as Newsweek, NASA, R.V. Anderson Associates Limited, Owens Corning and others, Presto creates KnowledgeNets that contain both top-down, vetted information that is secure, cataloged and organized; as well as bottom-up, community wisdom provided by wikis, blogs, ratings, comments and other social media to foster true Social Intelligence. This ‘Single Source of Truth’ enhances content through social media and helps organizations improve organizational productivity while providing secure information access, all with a lower total cost of ownership than enterprise content management or social networking solutions alone.

Inmagic, Inc
200 Unicorn Park Drive, 4th Floor
Woburn MA 01801

PH: 781.938.4444
Contact: sales@inmagic.com
Web: www.inmagic.com
Blog: inmagicinc.blogspot.com

Integrify: Integrify 5.0
Integrify 5.0 is an Enterprise Request Management (ERM) solution that helps organizations reduce cost and improve employee satisfaction by providing process definition, workflow automation and visibility for areas such as IT, HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing and other types of services.

Integrify’s solution provides a critical business productivity layer—automating laborious processes that require human intervention. Unlike other enterprise systems, Integrify is specifically designed to handle these human-to-human and human-to-system processes. It optimizes both people and process and requires minimal IT resources while encouraging constant improvement by process owners. Integrify enables an agile and flexible organization to realign processes with changing business strategy and structure.

Integrify’s solution appeals to organizations of all sizes and can be applied to streamline any request-driven process to improve security, cost and revenue.

20 North Wacker Drive, #1828
Chicago IL 60606

PH: 888.536.9629 or 312.345.9117
FAX: 312.345.9119
Contact: info@integrify.com
Web: www.integrify.com

Noetix: Noetix Search
Noetix Search provides intuitive search functionality for accessing Noetix BI content from Oracle Applications, enabling users to quickly identify the right database views for their reports via their favorite browser—Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

About Noetix:
Noetix provides software for instant operational and ad hoc reporting from Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, and Siebel CRM. Our patented, metadata-driven technology and lean architecture deliver immediate access to data, resulting in the lowest-cost BI solution to acquire, implement, and maintain. Noetix uses award-winning, innovative software to quickly eliminate the costly, manual mapping required to set up an enterprise reporting environment. Easy search and navigation capability allows users to create ad hoc reports and answer their own operational questions without additional assistance from IT staff.

Noetix Corporation
5010 148th Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052

Toll-Free: 866.4NOETIX
Contact: sales@noetix.com
Web: www.noetix.com

Northern Light: SinglePoint
Northern Light SinglePoint is a custom, turnkey, hosted strategic research portal that can be deployed in 90 days to an unlimited number of users around the world. A typical SinglePoint portal contains internal primary research, dozens of licensed external secondary research sources, business news, government databases, and content from custom Web crawls. Northern Light provides user authentication and document permissioning as part of the solution. SinglePoint strategic research portals are used for market research, competitive intelligence, product development, and technology research. Northern Light serves the research portal needs of the largest, most research-driven, most demanding companies in the world. These companies are using SinglePoint research portals to guide their corporate strategies and to invent the future we are all going to live in.

Northern Light
Ten Canal Park
Cambridge MA 02141

PH: 617.674.2074
FAX: 617.674.2076
Web: http://www.www.northernlight.com

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