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  • March 18, 2009
  • News

Getting to the point

Concept Searching has released Version 4 of its flagship product, conceptClassifier for SharePoint. The company says features include a new installer that enables installation in a SharePoint environment in less than 20 minutes, requires no programmatic support and all functionality can be turned on or off using standard Microsoft SharePoint controls. Full integration with Microsoft Content Types and greater support for multiple taxonomies are also included in this release.

Content Types can be used to enforce metadata governance, adhere to policies and drive workflows in line with business processes. Included in the new release is the ability to assign taxonomies to specific Content Types. Documents that correspond to the selected Content Types will be classified and documents that do not correspond to a content type or do not include some metadata elements that a specific content type has specified will not be classified.

This capability allows different taxonomies to be assigned to different Content Types; for example, assign the HR taxonomy to all Content Types of type "HR," including any Content Types derived from "HR" and assign the Finance taxonomy to all Content Types of type "Finance," including any Content Types derived from "Finance." The configuration can be performed using a wizard that runs inside SharePoint. The taxonomies will be available for these documents regardless of their location.

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