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KM Reality Award Finalist: Zylab

ZyLAB is honored to be nominated again by KMWorld for both the Reality and Promise Awards. Being recognized for these awards is just further evidence of how successful ZyLAB is at building the types of solutions required by organizations to support business-critical activities.

Having been the selected vendor for last year’s Reality Award winner (the UN War Crimes Tribunal in Cambodia), ZyLAB is pleased to be supporting another nominated client this year, the US National Agriculture Library (NAL). The NAL uses a ZyIMAGE IAP system to launch an online digital repository (NALDR) that provides users around the world with complete full-text access to US Department of Agriculture (USDA) publications.

At the heart of our Promise Award nomination is the variety of advanced, robust and flexible information access solutions we’re delivering to clients around the world. We provide capabilities to put online millions of searchable document pages (including the Toronto Star, GovernmentDocs.org, National Agriculture Library, and the EPA’s NEPIS system), perform records and contract management (ING Direct, Akzo Nobel, and Sara Lee), and conduct multi-language discovery and investigative activities on e-mail, paper and electronic files (the FBI and UN War Crimes Tribunals). Nobody can match ZyLAB’s ability to offer the technology and practical knowledge our clients need to enhance their efficiency, cost savings, and minimization of legal risk.

All told, award-winning ZyIMAGE IAP deployments are the perfect match for addressing the diverse requirements of various market segments such as federal and local governments, engineering and manufacturing industries, education, banking and finance, and legal and law enforcement.

ZyLAB North America LLC
7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 530
McLean, VA 22102

PH: 866.995.2262
FAX: 703.991.2508

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