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  • August 20, 2008
  • News

XyEnterprise announces ContentaView 3.6

XyEnterprise has released ContentaView 3.6, an update to its software solution suite for the delivery of interactive, textual and multimedia content via CD-ROM or the Web.

This new version features a powerful Web-based update server, providing a universal means for updating all digital publications with a simple Internet connection. The company explains that the updated server in ContentaView 3.6 makes it fast and easy to push content updates from the server to the desktop and ensures that users are working with the correct version of their publication. Further, it enables unattended updates to be performed at pre-determined intervals. Because these new features in ContentaView 3.6 are Web-based, they do not require any additional hardware or software.

Also included in ContentaView 3.6 is a tracking mechanism that compiles an audit trail of every user who connects to the server and every update that is downloaded. This tracking mechanism provides up-to-date information about all users along with the publications, versions and historical information in each client record.

Additional capabilities of ContentaView 3.6 include a new generic export tool, which allows users to export the XML into any desired file format, such as RTF, Excel, Word, CSV and plain text, making it easier to update files and accommodating users not familiar with XML. Also included are improved search capabilities that permit users to search for full-text or categorical content, using phrase searching, search stemming, search excerpts or saved searches.

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