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Talisma improves search in V. 8.

Talisma, a provider of customer interaction management software, has introduced Version 8.1 of the Talisma Knowledgebase, which includes significant enhancement to its search capabilities.

Talisma reports that search improvements include:

  • concept matching, which builds a conceptual understanding of content and ranks search results by relevance to the user’s query;
  • automatic summarization, which adds value to search results by dynamically building and displaying summaries for each document returned, making it easier for users to identify the right document before they click to view it;
  • a new auto recommend feature, which automatically builds hyperlinks between related documents based on its conceptual understanding of content, eliminating manual linking and maintenance; and
  • a link search results feature, which takes users directly to the relevant section of a document, even extremely long documents, and large PDFs.

The company adds that the Talisma Knowledgebase search functionality includes both federated and progressive search features that give users access to remote sites and repositories and powerful tools for refining searches on the fly, as well as spelling correction.

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