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More brain power for product development

VentureForward is employing visualization and mind mapping technology to reveal connections between products, market research and ideas. It's using BrainEKP, TheBrain Technologies' Enterprise Knowledge Platform, to help companies map internal knowledge to gain competitive edge.

VentureForward, which focuses on knowledge management services and support, will use BrainEKP to organize, visualize and share complex sets of research, ideas and strategic innovation practices for internal patent management and collaboration with its Fortune 1000 clients.

The solution connects related information from a variety of sources, so users can see how key ideas and all aspects of a product line fit together, as well as identify new avenues of innovation, TheBrain reports in a recent news release. Furthermore, the solution's search display and linking technology reduces time to market by allowing users to discover connections that would be missed in standard search lists and folder directories.

Sandy Ping, CEO of VentureForward, says, "With the amount of information people are faced with, creating an environment where ideas and collaboration flourish is a challenge. Accumulated information can inadvertently contribute to confusion and overwhelm research teams, if the content isn’t presented intuitively. With BrainEKP’s intuitive user interface, key relationships and ideas are instantly visible."

VentureForward has been granted hundreds of patents during many years of product development—Tide Buzz Ultrasonic Pen, Swiffer WetJet and Cascade Action Packs, to name a few—and has become a reseller of TheBrain Technologies.

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