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View From The Top: Expert System

Expert System is the leading provider of Semantic Intelligence technology, enabling enterprises, government entities and OEM customers to implement effective solutions to manage automatically unstructured text and natural language.

Expert System's technology, COGITO®, understands all the aspects of the language utilizing a process similar to the one used by humans. The following features separate COGITO from other unstructured information and knowledge management software:

  • its capability to perform a full disambiguation of the terms included in a text and assigning the exact meaning to each word based on the context, resulting in higher precision and recall in search, categorization and text mining;
  • its highly scalable and efficient architecture that makes it suitable for any information repository: from desktops to even the most complex and rich websites and intranets; and
  • its domain independent applicability that made COGITO the KM platform of choice of many enterprises in different sectors like oil & energy, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, etc.

COGITO powers the suite of Expert System's products that include:

COGITO Semantic Search: The innovative and effective way to search, including conceptual and subject-verb-object search.

COGITO Categorizer: The semantic driven automatic classifier of documents, e-mail, web pages, etc.

COGITO Discover: A full set of capabilities to extract relevant information, entities and knowledge, from structured or unstructured data.

COGITO Intelligence: Advanced solution designed to address even the most sophisticated requirements for competitive or homeland security intelligence activities.

COGITO Contact: A suite of applications leveraging semantic comprehension to optimize customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Expert System is headquartered in Italy with offices in the US, UK and Germany. For more information see www.expertsystem.net

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