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2006 KMWorld Promise and Reality Finalists: Ultimus

With more than 1,600 customers in 80 countries and a product available in 20 languages, Ultimus is a recognized worldwide leader in Business Process Management (BPM). Ultimus has focused on BPM since 1994 and deployed thousands of BPM solutions across every major industry and functional discipline.

Ultimus understands the best path to process improvement is to empower people by simplifying technology. Ultimus' people-centric approach enables faster automation and easier adaptation by driving innovations such as Adaptive Discovery™ and the Ultimus iBAM™ Suite.

Adaptive Discoveryenables faster time to deployment because automated processes can be deployed without requiring complete process maps, models or definitions. Instead, Adaptive Discovery identifies when processes are undefined, captures those "unruly events™" and notifies process experts. Process experts adjust rules dynamically so that the technology "learns" to handle similar incidents automatically in the future.

Utimus iBAM Suite provides interactive Business Activity Monitoring that measures Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and provides "interactive" controls. Ultimus iBAM Suite returns control to the business team by allowing business users to create gauges and controls in minutes without the need for IT.

Learn more about Ultimus Adaptive Discovery and Ultimus iBAM Suite.

15200 Weston Parkway, Suite 106
Cary, NC 27513

Phone: 919.678.0900
Fax: 919.678.0901
E-mail: info@ultimus.com

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