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Co-located conferences

But wait, there’s more! In addition to KMW orld, you can learn from four co-located conferences: Enterprise Search & Discovery, Taxonomy Boot Camp, Text Analytics Forum, and the newly minted Enterprise AI World.

Marydee Ojala, who directs the program for Enterprise Search & Discovery, notes that exciting developments are radically transforming enterprise search. The main challenge of enterprise search has always been relevancy—leading people to the information they need quickly and efficiently. In today’s enterprise search world, keywords are out and AI-based alternatives are in. Generative AI, machine learning, knowledge graphs, semantic and contextual query understanding, techniques to boost relevancy, customized apps, and conversational AI have caught the attention of developers and non-technical people alike.

Tom Reamy, chief knowledge architect for the KAPS Group, and chair of the Text Analytics Forum, sees the big excitement this year for the conference in the form of ChatGPT and LLMs, but with a twist. What is exciting is not just GPT but the combination of text analytics and GPT, with text analytics providing a means of correcting some of the limitations of GPT, such as the tendency to hallucinate, the lack of transparency, and the superficiality of a lot of GPT’s output. However, GPT still can be great tool for “rough draft” autocategorization, data extraction, and sentiment analysis.

This year’s Taxonomy Boot Camp, says chair Stephanie Lemieux, is going to really dive into what it means to work in a world with much more automation. “Many of our speakers are knee-deep in projects to make taxonomy support machine learning and AI, so I’m excited to have conversations with attendees about how we incorporate these tools into our practice without neglecting the role of subject matter expertise.” The art of blending machine-friendly architecture and human-friendly design and semantics is the hot topic this year. Not everything can or should be automated. Where do we need to leverage human expertise—taxonomist, subject matter expert, or both—to make sure the machines are doing their work correctly? What is the role of human-in-the-loop processes in the development, enrichment, and governance of information solutions? How can tax- onomists use these tools to boost their ability to analyze large volumes of data?

Beth Rudden, CEO of Bast.ai, former IBM innovator, and author of the new book Al for the Rest of Us, will be driving the conversations in the new Enterprise AI World conference, which explores the potential of AI in KM. Learn from industry experts who will demystify AI, discuss its applications in KM, consider AI ethics, look at building trust, explore data fabric technology, and provide a strategic approach for adopting AI solutions. Discover how AI can enhance human expertise, automate decisions, and optimize efficiency while addressing ethical considerations. AI developers share their unique views about the future of enterprise AI.

Attend KMWorld in November to learn how to unlock pow- erful knowledge-sharing solutions by harnessing search, discovery, analytics, taxonomy, and AI.

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