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AvePoint: Collaborate with Confidence

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The AvePoint Confidence Platform is a comprehensive data orchestration engine built to empower you to optimize your digital workplace landscape, providing invaluable insights into workspaces, users, guests, and repositories. This knowledge enables organizations to modernize, safeguard, and maintain control over their digital environment. Leveraging the AvePoint Confidence Platform enhances the functionality of the tools you employ, culminating in a contemporary, resilient, and managed workplace.

Comprised of three interconnected suites, the AvePoint Confidence Platform addresses distinct core requirements that expand alongside your business:

The Modernization Suite transforms legacy data into modern SaaS platforms and legacy business processes into modern end-user business applications. This product suite supports digital transformation across the organization, measuring and accelerating the impact of this transformation on employee experience and engagement.

The Resilience Suite ensures compliance with data protection regulations, preserves critical records, and maintains business continuity. This provides regulatory, audit, and risk management teams with the assurance that you are meeting your compliance obligations and keeping IP secure.

The Control Suite efficiently ensures the sustainability and operational capacity of your digital workplace by providing a ready-made framework for automated governance and policy enforcement. This allows infrastructure and operations teams to protect business-critical information across collaborative workspaces.

AvePoint’s Confidence Platform is the most advanced platform for SaaS and data management, purpose-built to migrate, manage, and protect SaaS applications and data, enabling transformation, governance, and compliance. To learn more about the AvePoint Confidence Platform, visit www.avepoint.com.

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PH: 877.345.3546 
Web: www.avepoint.com

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