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eGain - Eliminating content, knowhow, and analytics silos, creating one trusted source for knowledge

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eGain: Knowledge Hub

30-point improvement in Net Promoter Score
35% improvement in First-Contact Resolution
50% improvement in agent speed-to-competency
Across 30,000 contact center agents and 600 retail stores

These are examples of transformational benefits our clients are seeing with the eGain Knowledge Hub™ !


An end-to-end solution for knowledge management that unifies and orchestrates all the building blocks needed for modern KM, the Hub’s centralized approach eliminates content, knowhow, and analytics silos, creating one trusted source for knowledge. The solution comes with rich capabilities out of the box with best practices from over two decades, delivering business value in a matter of days or weeks. Among key capabilities are:


  ♦ Omnichannel content management
  ♦ Profiled access to content
  ♦ Pre-built integrations with document management and ECM systems
  ♦ Multi-layered personalization
  ♦ Multiple search methods, including keyword, faceted, federated, and guided searches
  ♦ Instant answers, highlighting the answer needle in the content haystack


  ♦ Intent inference, powered by ML
  ♦ AI reasoning for conversational and process guidance
  ♦ Compliance enforcement, including real-time sentiment and compliance monitoring
  ♦ Botmaster to configure, orchestrate, and optimize virtual assistants


  ♦ Pre-built connectors to systems of record for 360-degree customer context
  ♦ Continuous improvement
  ♦ Analytics for ongoing optimization of knowledge-base content and guidance paths

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