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Mavenlink and Kimble Applications emerge as Kantata

Mavenlink and Kimble Applications are launching Kantata, formed through the successful merger and integration of the two companies.

Kantata was created to accelerate the development and delivery of the most comprehensive range of vertical SaaS solutions purpose-built to help professional services organizations optimize and elevate operational performance to build thriving businesses, according to the vendor.

Kantata immediately announced powerful new product functionality, including new capabilities designed to help professional services organizations optimally map resources to project portfolios while expanding the ability to leverage and manage external talent networks.

Kantata endeavors to deliver technology solutions that enable its users to focus on the successful delivery of client projects, while reducing the multitude of administrative burdens involved in running a successful professional services organization.

“We are now one organization with a portfolio of category-leading products that provide people-powered businesses the clarity, control, and confidence they need to meet their clients’ high expectations and accelerate their own growth,” said Michael Speranza, CEO of Kantata. “We have broken new ground for our industry by creating a global company with a unique purpose-built vertical platform that serves the needs of professional services organizations of all sizes and specialities.”

Kantata also announced the availability of several new product features, including Talent Network which makes it easy for professional services organizations to add external partners and independent contractors to their resource pools. More than a tool for assigning individuals to current projects based on their skillsets and credentials, Talent Network enables resource managers to conduct scenario planning to anticipate how to build teams of internal and external personnel that are optimized for future projects.

Talent Network is just one of many new product innovations that address the need for professional services organizations to connect, share information and collaborate with their workforces, which include partners and independent contractors.

The name Kantata was inspired by “cantata”—a classical music composition that intricately and beautifully combines multiple voice and instrumentation elements. This style of classical music is a metaphor for the collaborative creation that is the foundation of all successful professional services organizations.

For more information about this news, visit www.kantata.com.

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