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View From The Top: Traction Software

The public Internet has become a platform for weblogs, wikis and a constellation of syndication readers, notification and aggregation engines. This new social and technical infrastructure proves that it's possible to find and stay informed about what matters to you across a network as large and chaotic as the World Wide Web.

Why should even the largest enterprises settle for less?

I don't believe they will. The value of actually knowing what's happening in your business (and what your business knows) has driven enterprises to write large checks for top down Knowledge Management systems with generally disappointing results. It's now possible to know more while writing a much smaller check.

This new generation Internet makes everyday working communication simpler, while keeping everyone with an active (and valid) interest informed. It delivers better awareness but cuts non-productive reporting overhead. The same model works for information produced by line of business systems as well as people—an RSS feed of sales wins from your CRM system makes a lot of sense.

Traction Software delivers secure, scaleable, easily deployed blog software that makes it possible to link and comment on any web content and securely syndicate the result. Traction's group and personal blogs can address selected audiences within or across the firewall. This makes it easy to collaborate with key customers, suppliers and partners—as well as internal teams—when defining, designing, marketing and supporting a new product or service, and tracking issues that are critical to business success.

Traction Software Inc
245 Waterman Street Suite 309
Providence, RI 02906 USA

Phone: 401.528.1145
E-mail: grl@tractionsoftware.com
Web: www.tractionsoftware.com
feed: http://tractionsoftware.com/rss.xml
Greg Lloyd President & Co-Founder

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