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  • March 31, 2022
  • News

Dynamsoft enhances barcode reader with support for drug label packaging and telecommunications equipment

Dynamsoft is adding barcode symbol decoding support for the pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries, along with introducing new deformation resisting modes for better success when users scan warped or wrinkled QR codes or Data Matrix codes.

These new capabilities are available in Dynamsoft Barcode Reader software development kit, version 9.0. Support for Pharmacode allows Dynamsoft to better address the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The barcode symbol is used with drug labels as part of packaging data and inventory control systems.

With code 11, the telecommunications industry largely uses it to label telecommunications equipment for data on inventory, tracking, and similar scenarios.

The new ability for Dynamsoft Barcode Reader to handle damaged QR codes and Data Matrix codes includes several modes.

There is a broad warp mode to enable when barcodes are gently warped. Another mode handles deformations within local modules of a barcode symbol. Then there is another mode for wrinkled surfaces.

Finally, there is an auto mode ideal when users might encounter many of these obstacles, and the SDK auto-applies the best mode. All these features are made to continue to improve upon decode accuracy and speed.

“Adding barcode symbol support for applications ideal in the pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries allows us to further address two large markets that can benefit from Dynamsoft’s enterprise-grade barcode reader SDK,” said Amy Gu, CEO and co-founder of Dynamsoft. “We will continue to improve on Dynamsoft Barcode Reader with added symbol support and performance optimizations. As such, in this latest version of the SDK, we also improved the read rate for the GS1 DataBar barcode used to label food products.”

For more information about this news, visit www.dynamsoft.com.

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