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View From The Top: MetaCarta

Search the world over to find what you're looking for… There is no doubt that organizations of every size, in every industry, generate a lot of content— internal memos, presentations, articles, and reports. Over the years, this content has shifted from being printed and stored in file cabinets, to being electronically stored in databases, document repositories, and shared drives. The challenge is not just managing where all this content is going, but finding it when you need it.

Even through recent technological evolution and future innovation, one constant remains the same—geography. Names change, borders change, areas of interest change, but latitude/ longitude simply does not. Geography represents a unifying constant across structured and unstructured content that makes looking for information about a certain place reliable. And, studies have shown that over 80% of all content contains at least one geographic reference.

People are also visual beings. We like to have information presented in an informative and relevant manner. At MetaCarta, we think that the best visual display for searching for information is a map. We love maps. And, most people understand maps. By using a map as our visualization tool, we allow users looking for content related to a place anywhere on Earth, to search through their content and view search results on a map. Innovating at the intersection of content management, map technology, and search provides a unique opportunity in the knowledge management world and one that clearly will put MetaCarta and our customers on the map.

For more information, please visit our
website at www.metacarta.com
or call 617.661.6382.
Ron Matros, CEO

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