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View From The Top: Innodata Isogen

Innodata Isogen helps the world's leading enterprises create, manage and distribute information more effectively and economically.

Our portfolio of services and solutions is designed to help clients improve virtually every step of their content supply chain. Our professional services teams design and deploy enterprise content management, digital publishing and knowledge management systems. And our content division provides outsourced content manufacturing and production services - from digitization and data conversion to composition and editorial outsourcing.

For example, we've worked on a number of noted digitization projects, including the Complete New Yorker. We provided data capture services that helped create a database that improves readers' ability to search through this comprehensive collection, encompassing every page from 80 years of the magazine's history.

Building upon our track record as one of the world's leading XML systems, services and training companies, we're currently helping a global telecommunications manufacturer convert more than 650,000 pages of technical documents from various formats to XML.

In late 2005, we launched a new on-demand page composition service. We're currently working with a top five publisher and a Fortune 500 technology company to help them reduce composition costs and gain greater control over their style assets through this hosted technology platform.

In addition, we're in the forefront of the industry-wide effort to adopt new XML-based information standards such as DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture). This general purpose XML schema will help organizations streamline the creation of technical documentation and other types of product support content.

For more information, visit our website at www.innodata-isogen.com or call (201) 488.1200.
Jack Abuhoff CEO and Chairman

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