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View From The Top: Exalead

Founded in 2000 by search-engine pioneers, Exalead is a global provider of software that is designed to simplify all aspects of information search and retrieval for organizations of all sizes.

Based on the first and only unified technology platform for desktop, intranet or Web search, Exalead offers easier deployment, administration and use than any other enterprise-type search software. This is true whether for one or thousands of desktops, a small business or global enterprise, and conforms

The exalead one:search™ platform serves as the foundation for all of Exalead's software products, and provides a unified user interface for a consistent user experience. Based on real-time statistical linguistics, statistical semantics and entity extraction, exalead one:search offers users a range of advanced features, including personalization options on the home page, shortcuts and personal bookmarks. Exalead's products include support for hundreds of file formats and document types such as Adobe PDF, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office, Mozilla Thunderbird, multimedia files and more. The software is simple to download and install, and is compliant with most technology and security standards.

Exalead software is used by leading banking and financial services, media, consumer packaged goods, research, retailing, sports, entertainment and telecommunications companies around the world. Exalead is an operating unit of Qualis, an international holding company with principal offices in Paris.
For further information about Exalead, please visit www.exalead.com
François Bourdoncle President and Chief Executive Officer

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