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View From The Top: Cymfony

Cymfony is a media analysis and market intelligence firm helping companies keep their products and messages in tune with the fastchanging expectations of their most important audiences: customers, prospects, journalists, and influential bloggers. By aggregating and analyzing content from over 200,000 traditional media sources and millions of consumer-generated media messages, Cymfony helps marketers find new product ideas, unmet consumer needs, product or service quality issues, and emerging market trends.

Cymfony applies a unique combination of technology to aggregate, classify, and quantify relevant references with human analysis to uncover the patterns and trends that are too nuanced for computers to detect.

Cymfony's technology platform called Orchestra is powered by a proprietary content analysis engine originally developed for use by the United States government intelligence agencies. The engine combines categorization, information retrieval, and natural language processing (NLP) technology with the goal of identifying important concepts, relationships and events in documents.

Cymfony services offer a range of solutions tailored to core issues such as CGM Strategy, PR Measurement, Brand Impact and more. A dedicated account manager and analyst interprets the rich information gathered by Orchestra, providing reports, insights, and advice on how to use the findings for business advantage.

For more information contact Cymfony at (617) 673-6060 or visit the web at www.cymfony.com.

Cymfony, Inc.
125 Walnut Street
Suite 205
Watertown, MA 02472
Phone: 617.673.6000
Fax: 617.924.6167
Andrew Bernstein CEO

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