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2021 Readers' Choice Award - Best Enterprise Search: BA Insight

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Google Has Set a High Bar for Enterprise Search

Google recently turned 23 years old and is better than it has ever been. Could anyone have imagined how much Google would change the world and the impact it would have on us each day? Imagine what the world would’ve been like the last 20 months without Google?

The Google search bar has continuously evolved, becoming smarter and connecting users to the relevant information they seek from anywhere in the world, from any device, independent of how old the information is. However, the reality is that the state of enterprise-driven search, whether it is for employees, customers, or even an organization’s website, is behind the times and quite archaic. The good news is that the technology that enables such a positive search experience with Google is available to address many search-based use cases.

BA Insight’s software portfolio brings the “Google search experience” to the enterprise, transforming the outcome of digital interactions through advanced search experiences that are relevant, personalized, and actionable. We take advantage of technology-enabled integration to provide modular, AI-driven software that works within the enterprise, customer portals, and websites.

Our software portfolio consists of:

SmartHub, a user experience platform that includes AutoClassification and leverages NLP to provide a modern, Google-like search experience

Connectors, search across 90+ information sources

SmartAutomation, a hybrid automation and integration platform that uses API-led connectivity to make search actionable

We put an end to bad searches by bringing a Google-like search experience to your knowledge seekers regardless of the applications they work in or where the content resides.

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BA Insight
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Boston, MA 02109-5812

PH: 1.339.368.7234
Contact: sales@BAinsight.com
Web: www.bainsight.com

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