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Getting Started with Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning: Part 2 Q&A with Sebastian Schmidt, CEO of metaphacts

In engineering and manufacturing, we have customers using metaphactory for skill-management or for factory machine skills applications to, for example, better understand which human and machine skills are available across the enterprise and be able to pull in resources as needed into projects based on that. In engineering and manufacturing, this is often called building a digital twin so, for example, for product lifecycle management a digital twin can be used to streamline and optimize internal processes from product planning, development, and assembly configuration to maintenance and retirement.

And, in all, we see customers really striving toward knowledge democratization to align goals from top-level, organization-wide goals to individual team-member goals.

It is very interesting also that this is a topic that very often leads to pre-competitive knowledge sharing across companies, across organizations, NGOs, non-profits, and different industries, which can all have a positive impact on society and the environment.

One example is the FOODIE application, which was built with metaphactory, where one use case targets plotting overfishing and making data available not only to fishermen but also to the industry and to environmental institutions

We also have a number of reference customers in each of these spaces and are happy to share those joint success stories. You can find them on our website where you can, for example, read about how Siemens Energy uses metaphactory to optimize maintenance or reduce the number of spare parts that need to be stocked.

JW: What is the next step for a CIO or chief data officer that wants to set up their company for knowledge democratization? How do they do that?

SS: The first step is to make the decision to do knowledge democratization, meaning you don’t have to empower IT but you have to empower your business users, your end users, your domain experts, with the necessary tooling to achieve this without having to always involve IT specialists. And our recommendation is to have a look at metaphactory and to explore how a knowledge graph-based approach would work for your company.

For that, we are also closely partnering with Amazon to enable really easy access via the Amazon Marketplace, where the full end-to-end solution with metaphactory can be deployed with the click of a button. You can get started with a 14-day trial on metaphacts.com/get-started, and you directly get information on how you can deploy this on Amazon Marketplace plus full support during the entire trial period, including a tutorial that's built into the product to get your team started on the topic and build the necessary expertise. We also offer training to help customers further advance their knowledge on the topic and accelerate those efforts to get started.

Contact us at info@metaphacts.com

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