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Lead Semantics collaborates with Fluree to bring a secure natural language processing pipeline to market

Fluree, provider of an immutable semantic graph data platform, is forming a technical partnership with Lead Semantics to provide a fully integrated solution, TextDistil, for enterprise data management teams looking to build semantic-capable, secure data fabrics.

A key area of focus for the integrated solution includes highly regulated industries, with a greater magnitude and scope of requirements needed to prove compliance, including fintech, banking, insurance and the public sector, among others.

Lead Semantics’ natural language processing (NLP) technology, powered by Fluree’s semantic graph database, will help convert unstructured data assets (including text) into semantic-capable enterprise knowledge.

With TextDistil, Lead Semantics and Fluree are essentially bringing unstructured data into the structured context of businesses’ respective operational transactional worlds with security, traceability, and audit-capabilities provided by Fluree’s immutable ledger.

"Text to knowledge is the new frontier in building comprehensive enterprise data fabrics. While most organizations have wrangled structured or semi-structured data into a centralized data platform, unstructured data remains forgotten and underleveraged,” said Brian Platz, co-founder and co-CEO of Fluree. “Within the confines of unstructured data may lie the cure for a rare disease, an audit trail of customer interactions for regulatory bodies, or the key to a previously unsolvable business logistics challenge. We are proud to provide the semantic graph database backing the TextDistil initiative, bringing trust, traceability, and interoperability to enterprise unstructured information."

TextDistil addresses the current market interest in text and knowledge graphs—turning text into data that provides context to support immutable transactions.

Fluree brings trust and security to that data, which mitigates risk and extends data governance into unstructured enterprise information.

The previously unstructured data becomes fully auditable with Fluree in addition to being secured, and is piped into a W3C-standard format for enterprise data fabrics.

Fluree was selected by Lead Semantics because it is the only permissioned trust based ledger database that has semantic underpinnings for integration to enable connected data insights and standard semantic querying.

TextDistil, through its automated knowledge extraction, extends high fidelity tracing back to the source natural language text to provide governing context and auspices to the transactions that are recorded in the Fluree Ledger database. This thereby seamlessly enhances the automated audit trail to mitigate risk while improving data provenance.

“Text as a source of knowledge and information is fundamental yet there aren’t any end-to-end solutions that tame the complexity in handling text,” said Prasad Yalamanchi, founder, CEO of Lead Semantics. “Extracting value from text assets is a top priority problem to solve while trusted Ledger Databases have gained enterprise acceptance. With an integrated tool to harness Text for all its embedded information and knowledge, a trusted Ledger Database will be very attractive to businesses.”

For more information about this partnership, visit https://flur.ee/ or https://leadsemantics.com/.

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