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Utilizing Indispensable Taxonomies to Streamline Metadata Creation

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Access Innovations, Inc.: Data Harmony

Data Harmony

Until recently, a taxonomy to tag and categorize information assets was considered a luxury. In today’s information age, taxonomies are indispensable for producers with meaningful content. Our information age has evolved and every creator of text collections needs to structure assets for retrieval, discovery, analytics, new product development and more.

Artificially intelligent and machine learning systems require robust, well-structured taxonomic backbones—as well as other clean data—to function properly and make accurate inferences. Data Harmony’s baked-in expert system makes such backbones efficiently and effectively.

The Data Harmony software suite was developed specifically for information and content producers to simplify and streamline metadata creation, including taxonomy development and management and auto categorization. Natively designed to integrate with the many components of a production system, Data Harmony changes search to found. The implementation of Data Harmony is noticed by the end consumer of content when they suddenly experience vastly improved retrieval and discovery – in one recent deployment, retrieval reached 85% accuracy with basic setup. Clients deploying Data Harmony on the production side have seen productivity increase by up to seven fold and are impressed with the minimal amount of time for deployment in a live environment. Contact us to talk about your specific needs and schedule a demo of our patented, field proven taxonomy and auto tagging software.

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