• June 25, 2020
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Appinium adds admin updates to its Salesforce integration platform

Appinium, a provider of native Salesforce marketing and sales-enablement apps, is updating its platform to adds tools that make it even easier for admins to create effective learning content, streamline scheduling, and manage teams more effectively. It also includes new video capabilities and a host of usability and interface improvements.

Appinium's suite of apps allows the Salesforce ecosystem to drive engagement across an entire organization - from customers, partners, and employees to members and students.

Their video solutions are designed to drive marketing campaigns, enhance sales enablement, and improve customer satisfaction with a YouTube-like experience via the Salesforce Community Cloud.

With version 4.1, Appinium has raised the bar for their 100% native video player and authoring tool by ensuring that multimedia plays smoothly across all platforms and browsers, and by allowing the user to adjust variables like resolution and speed.

Additional infrastructure improvements also ensure that Appinium's video technology is prepared for growth and scale globally, guaranteeing that all users – regardless of location – have the same high-quality, multimedia experience.

This update also introduces "Lightning Admin," which simplifies the process of creating learning content and enables the use of analytics and data-driven by AI.

Ultimately, this allows the Appinium user to focus on developing content that drives behavior and business outcomes.

"No one brings together data on human behavior as it relates to business the way we do,” said Steven Jacobson, Appinium CEO and founder. "Think of Appinium as a river that picks up vital information regarding marketing, sales-enablement, customer-service, and learning, along the way. That data ensures connectivity, and it's connectivity that drives behavior."

For more information about these updates, visit https://appinium.com/.

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