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  • April 20, 2020
  • News

BP Logix debuts low-code process automation solution for higher education

BP Logix, a provider of low-code business process management solutions, has introduced Process Director - Higher Education Edition. The platform is targeted at helping academic organizations to architect future-proof, compliant applications without needing to know how to program.

According to BP Logix, as expectations increase higher education institutions are dealing with the limitations of manual, location-based processes. Previously, administrative simplification and digital transformation were goals, but due to COVID-19, they are now becoming necessities.

"As colleges and universities start thinking about their world post-COVID-19, they are going to face unforeseen operational challenges and drastic budget cuts," said BP Logix CEO, Girish Pashilkar. "The goal of Process Director - Higher Education Edition is to help these institutions offset the risk around having a significant portion of their operations remain in remote-mode, and continually needing changes as we discover our new normal. We will achieve this by providing starter kits and micro-apps to enable rapid digital transformation with minimal resources."  

Through Process Director - Higher Education Edition, institutions can create streamlined, integrated processes with speed and security. The platform provides governance as it ensures that roles, permissions, and privileges are strictly governed and enforced, and relevant processes are regularly reviewed. According to BP Logix, every action is logged, time-stamped, and digitally signed, providing accountability to administration and regulators. And, due to the platform's integration capabilities, existing higher education customers often use Process Director  to connect data from existing SIS, HRIS, and ERP systems.

To learn more about Process Director - Higher Education Edition or to get a demo of the product, visit, https://pages.bplogix.com/bp-logix-education-solutions.

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