• February 19, 2020
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Kryon reveals latest version of its full-cycle automation suite

Kryon, an intelligent robotic process automation (RPA) solution provider, is launching Kryon RPA Version 19.5 and Kryon Process Discovery Version 19.5.

These latest releases are packed with a variety of features, including robots at scale, enhanced automation insights, heightened reliability and resiliency, and offers an improved set of triggers and advanced commands.

Kryon RPA Version 19.5 accelerates time to deployment of Kryon’s full-cycle automation solution with enhancements, such as:

  • Robos at scale
  • Self-installing robots - a new mechanism to ensure that robots are auto-updated to the latest versions
  • Automatic generation of robot packaging for installation at scale
    • Enhanced insights
  • Automated report that brings real transparency into manual business processes and deeper insights into exactly what’s happening in the enterprise
  • Reports on Advanced commands and wizard usage
    • Reliability and resiliency
  • Robots with self-healing capabilities
  • Installation resiliency with automatic verification of prerequisites and validation of configuration coherency
    • Enhanced advanced commands
  • Advanced capabilities for common Microsoft tools, such as Excel and Outlook

Kryon Process Discovery™ Version 19.5 allows users to generate, with a single click, a personalized Discovered Process Report, PDD format, which describes in detail all the business processes selected for automation with RPA technology.

Armed with this report, customers can now gain even deeper insights into exactly what is happening in their enterprises prior to commencing an automation project, ensuring automation is tailored specifically to their unique business needs.

“Taken together, these releases represent a significant step towards delivering on our long-term vision of providing a full-cycle automation and orchestration solution that really goes the extra mile for our customers,” said Shay Antebi, CTO at Kryon. “As we begin 2020, we look forward to reaching further milestones on our quest to provide a seamlessly integrated platform for Process Discovery and RPA, along with multi-layered management capabilities.”

For more information about these releases, visit www.kryonsystems.com.

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