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Upland Software–RightAnswers, Mounir Hilal, MBA, BEng, PMP Chief Customer Officer SVP, Project and IT Management Solutions gives his views on Better KM for Superior Self-Service

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The self-service revolution in knowledge management

Many transformative technologies, from search engines to cloud computing, succeeded by empowering end users to complete by themselves tasks that once required extensive assistance. Effective self-service sets them apart.

When it comes to knowledge management, your organization should seek similar solutions that enable users to find the right answers at the right time. By going beyond the standard KM search bar and repository, you can improve satisfaction within the company and among customers, while reducing costs for KM and support.

Better KM for superior self-service

No one wants to frantically search for answers while someone waits for a reply, and Upland RightAnswers makes sure you don’t have to. Its centralized, searchable knowledge base puts everything agents need right at their fingertips. More specifically, our platform simplifies the location of relevant resources on any channel. Knowledge creation and management are also streamlined for self-service environments, through distinctive features such as decision trees, bulk edit and knowledge quality.

Expect more from your KM platform and provider

With RightAnswers, you can push the envelope of ITSM and CRM solutions and expand the capabilities of your teams. Our expertise ensures you attain customer service operations that are cost-effective, easy to manage and scalable.

About Upland Software

Upland Software is a leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software. Our applications enable users to manage projects and workforce/IT investments, automate document-intensive processes; and effectively engage with customers, prospects and communities.

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