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Ingeniux, Jim Edmunds, CEO and Founder: View From The Top

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In the brave new world of digital content management, organizations are breaking down the information walls and opening the knowledge borders. The neat divisions between front-of-the-house web marketing and back-of-the-house enterprise knowledge are blurring, and in many cases, have merged. Digital content management platforms either embrace this, or are doomed to atrophy in a walled garden.

Today’s marketers want to tap into the treasure trove of technical content. Likewise, technical content managers embrace the larger web community and technical support lives on the frontier of digital marketing. Your content management platform is the digital hub that bridges these silos and brings true efficiency and scalability to enterprise knowledge.

Ingeniux is the Agile Alternative to Web Experience Suites

Many CMS solutions today offer the one (black) box fits all approach. Unfortunately, reality rarely fits inside this box. Organizations need to manage content for multiple websites, applications, and portals. They must support marketing, deliver content to mobile and apps, create secure portals, web enable DITA and tech docs, create knowledge bases, and manage multi-lingual content.

Our unique decoupled architecture and focus on structured “intelligent” content allows our customers to do all of the above without the overhead, complexity, and cost of traditional content management systems.

Ingeniux CMS is the first CMS built on a NoSQL document database. It delivers Big Data-like innovation for managing content and digital assets. It works in the cloud or in your network to deliver high performance digital experiences and content at scale.

The Brave New World

People like to say, no one knows what the future holds; but when it comes to digital content, we know. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations deliver superior digital experiences—from personalized websites to brand-forward customer ?portals, Intranets, and apps.

We’re here to place people back on the path to digital transformation.

Website: www.ingeniux.com
Email: info@ingeniux.com
Phone: 877.445.8228

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