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  • November 19, 2015
  • News

Simplifying business analytics with Sisense V6

Sisense has unveiled Version 6 of its namesake software, which is said to significantly expand Sisense's advanced analytics capabilities, as well as further the platform's ability to integrate across the business analytics ecosystem. Sisense says its expertise in complex data includes both large data sets and data derived from multiple, disparate sources.

Sisense Version 6 leverages In-Chip technology to improve business users' access to advanced analytics on low-cost, commodity machines without the need for special data warehouse tools or dedicated IT staff. One-click formulas offer the most popular statistical functions, such as correlation, covariance and various distributions, directly from Sisense dashboards. In-Chip technology processes data 100X faster, says the company, thereby eliminating much of the data preparation and denormalization work typically associated with business analytics. There is no need to remodel data schemas or rely on aggregated values.

Version 6 also includes an open database connectivity (ODBC) layer that leverages data from Sisense with third-party tools. The ODBC connection to frontend tools empowers users to mash up data from disparate sources using Sisense, but still consume that data in other familiar spreadsheets and tools. It also greatly simplifies legacy reporting solutions that rely on archaic data warehouses that are hard to maintain.

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