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  • March 13, 2015
  • News

Enhanced video and audio from Ramp

Ramp has launched the MetaPlayer 4 video player, which delivers enhanced audio and video search experiences for its media and enterprise customers. MetaPlayer 4 includes a new user interface and a number of performance improvements that include accessibility compliance, localization, HTML5 advertising support, updated load workflows, live Webcasting and new DVR capabilities for Ramp enterprise customers. New mobile and social capabilities extend the functionality of the new video player, the company says.

Among MetaPlayer 4’s new features are:

  • performance improvements—designed to ensure that the player loads as quickly as possible onto a page;
  • retina display support—MetaPlayer 4 user interface elements are scalable vector graphics (SVG), which are smaller and scalable without quality loss, meaning that the player will display on all screen resolutions from mobile to 4k displays;
  • social sharing extensions—Pinterest has been added to the list of default sharing options and supports improved handling of thumbnails in social posts, and the player now offers an extensible framework allowing customers to add any new social network to the player;
  • Ramp for SharePoint—the new player supports responsive player controls and enables enterprise users to toggle video from live to video on-demand and to display a viewer count for a live event MetaPlayer 4 and also supports Ramp Video Live’s live DVR feature, which allows viewers to pause, rewind and replay live Webcasts;
  • closed caption (CC) configuration—the CC configuration menu is now fully responsive on mobile devices;
  • video in context—related content, commerce and advertising can all be synchronized to the video timeline;
  • improved mobile support—to save real estate for the content, and hover functionality is accounted for through touch events;
  • security and authentication—supports integrated authentication, can connect with a third-party authentication scheme once configured and supports token security to limit access to data stored within the Ramp system;
  • accessibility and localization—full support for CVAA accessibility requirements as well as level A WCAG standard for Web accessibility and Section 508 compliance, and is localized to have multilanguage support for up to 27 different languages; and
  • expanded partner network—MetaPlayer integrates with virtually every HTML5 video player, and the MetaPlayer framework is also extremely flexible and wraps around and extends virtually any third-party player to include Ramp's rich video transcription, tagging and context-sensitive advertising capabilities.

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