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  • August 16, 2016
  • News

dtSearch Engine Adds Universal Windows Platform Beta to List of SDK Platforms

dtSearch,  provider of enterprise and developer text retrieval software and document filters, has introduced new x86 and x64 versions of its core developer product, the dtSearch Engine, for Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP). 

The dtSearch Engine SDK lets developers embed dtSearch’s searching of terabytes of data, with more than 25 full-text and metadata search options.  The SDK also offers access to dtSearch’s document filters covering emails and attachments, a range of document types, databases, and additional website data.

The new dtSearch Engine beta provides access to these capabilities for UWP developers working in C#, C++, and other languages. UWP joins existing released Windows and Linux x86 and x64 versions of the dtSearch Engine, as well as beta Android and Mac versions.  These versions include APIs for Java and C++ as well as .NET under Windows.  Under Azure, the dtSearch Engine can also leverage Microsoft's RemoteApp, giving the search the "look and feel" of a native application running on Windows, Android, iOS or OS X.

In addition to the dtSearch Engine, dtSearch also offers a suite of no-programming-required products with features including the ability to index more than a terabyte of text in a single index and multithreaded searching, more than  25 search options and international language support, faceted search and other data classification options, document filters, federated searching, and the dtsearch spider. 

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