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Yellowfin offers free BI for students, not-for-profits

Yellowfin reports it will provide free software licenses to students and teachers for classroom learning, as well as for not-for-profit organizations.

Under the plan, Yellowfin will be unconditionally free for student learning and teaching purposes. Training for Yellowfin students will be offered via Yellowfin’s library of free training resources, available through the Yellowfin website and the company’s dedicated YouTube channel, YellowfinTeam.

Not-for-profit organizations are eligible for limited free licenses depending on individual circumstances. Interested parties should contact Yellowfin for specific terms and conditions.

According to CEO Glen Rabie, Yellowfin developed the new policy for two main reasons.

“Firstly, we believe that data analytics and BI is for the many, not the few,” said Rabie. “That’s always been [Yellowfin’s] belief. Why should not-for-profit organizations be barred from attaining the insights they need to make the best operational and strategic decisions possible, just because they don’t have the buying power of big corporations?”

Rabie said that the motivation for offering free BI software to students and teachers came from the realization that for business analytics to go mainstream, the global analytics skills shortage must be addressed.

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