• September 30, 2020
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Xillio introduces content migration solution

Xillio is launching the Content Redirection Service, a smart migration solution that automatically points users to the new location of migrated documents.

“Redirection can make or break your content migration,” says Rikkert Engels, CEO of Xillio. “With the Redirection Service you can fully focus on the content migration itself, not worrying about other applications or users that link to the migrated content.”

Through the Content Redirection Service, Xillio will accelerate end-user adoption of a new content management system and avoid any issues with links to the old legacy system. 

During migration, the service will continuously track and update document locations based on defined business rules and migration status.

When a user requests a document through a link to the old system the Content Redirection Service will check its migration status and availability in the migration target, and then automatically redirect the user to that new location.

In case the document has not been migrated (yet), the service seamlessly passes the request through to the source system.

Since many migrations are done in a federated way, it is important that the source and target system(s) can run side-by-side without causing duplications and multiple versions.

As the content redirection service automatically updates and starts pointing from an old location to the new location, it will prevent users to work on the same document in different systems. 

To ensure that links and references to the old content management system remain functional after the migration, the client can keep the Content Redirection Service running.

The secure and scalable Content Redirection Service can fully adapt to the client’s infrastructure and can either run on-premise or as a self-contained cloud service.   

For more information about this service, visit www.xillio.com.

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