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  • February 4, 2009
  • News

Toward the social library

Inmagic has unveiled Presto for Social Libraries, which, Inmagic says, is the first solution to transform libraries from cost centers to productivity centers by leveraging both content and the user community to create rich knowledge networks.

Presto for Social Libraries creates a Social Online Public Access Catalog (SOPAC) that provides a framework for managing and enhancing library collections--augmenting top-down vetted information with bottom-up social networks. The result is a secure, two-way information exchange that transforms libraries into true collaboration centers.

Inmagic reports that Presto for Social Libraries:

•incorporates the concept of a SOPAC, where librarians play a significant role in creating and maintaining the knowledge repository, and patrons add value to the content and share ideas using social media tools;

•reduces costs through improved operational efficiencies and information access and consolidation of information silos; and

• can be implemented in a controlled, content-centric manner, making the introduction of social media non-disruptive.

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