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  • August 21, 2018
  • News

Talla Debuts Intelligent Knowledge Base 2.0

Talla, a B2B, AI company, has launched version 2.0 of the Talla Intelligent Knowledge Base — a platform that brings together customer content with automation, chatbots, and machine learning to help customer-facing teams move deals through the pipeline faster, decrease churn, and improve customer conversations.

The new platform introduces techniques in natural language processing and AI-powered automation to achieve higher benefits for revenue-generating teams within companies.

Talla uses AI to access answers for customers, building a knowledge graph to understand content, said Rob May, founder and CEO of Talla. This allows Talla to turn any section or any page of a knowledge base into a chatbot, which can be deployed to arm customer-facing employees with the information needed to generate results.  In addition, when information contains actions, Talla can automate those actions as well, saving time while improving the customer experience.

The AI-powered knowledge and information management platform was developed for sales, customer support, and client success, with the functions of customer-facing teams at the forefront of the Talla team’s design and development work. The Intelligent Knowledge Base 2.0 allows managers to utilize machine learning to train content, eliminate outdated information, and make trusted institutional knowledge discoverable for their teams’ needs. According to Talla, customers report close to 90% accuracy with instantly available information, saving employees hours each week.

The Talla product integrates email, Salesforce, Jira, and Zendesk in order to create new knowledge-based pages, send the information via email, create tickets, file issues, and surface issues and reports.

In addition, automatic content updates allow the Talla product to identify and fill knowledge gaps within the organization.

If there is a question posed to Talla that the system doesn’t have an answer to, it will orchestrate a workflow to fill that knowledge gap and alert the user when the information becomes available.

For complete information about the Talla Smart Knowledge Base, visit www.talla.com.

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